In The Beginning…

It is the evening of Labor Day. (Vacation day from work and Noooo don’t make me go back tomorrow) I am sitting on the couch watching Castle and having Carl coach me through this new exciting adventure of blog writing.

You may be wondering how I came up with my blog name, well it was easy. Carl told me that it should be something with meaning. (Smart Guy) He said, “How about perfectly different, that fits you and your life thus far”. He had checked to see if it was available, and it wasn’t. I said, “What about something with Blondie?”

Why Blondie?! Well, I was adopted at 18 months old from India. When I was little my Pa (In India dad = Papa) gave me the nickname Blondie. I played a lot of sports and was involved in school activities, my Pa was always there to watch and cheer me on. He would yell, “Go Blondie!”. Oh the looks he would get because I have dark brown hair and big brown eyes. My mom and pa tell me that was my nickname because I was the one of the few kids in all the activities that wasn’t blonde hair and blue eyed! All of my friends in grade school and growing up had blonde hair and blue eyes. Ever since then the name has stuck! 🙂 My parents still to this day call me Blondie!

Now that you know the meaning behind my blog, let the love, laughter and wine start to overflow! 🙂

Ok, 10 O’Clock News now.

Sleep Tight


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