Back to School

As I drove to work this morning I was stuck behind multiple buses and saw many kids waiting at the end of their driveways for the bus to come. It brought back so many memories of growing up on the farm and the first day of school.

I can picture it now… The night before I set out my new school clothes that Mom and Pa bought me and made sure all the new school supplies was in my backpack. (Gel pens were popular when I was younger and had to have every color) I could never sleep the night before school starting, I was way too excited!

Me and my younger sister would get up the next morning and mom would have a big pot of CoCo Wheats made. We would eat breakfast and then head outside to the pine tree to take our “First Day of School” picture. Then Mom and Pa would watch us walk down to the to the end of the driveway and wait for the bus. We were always the first ones on bus in the morning and the last ones off the bus in the evenings.

Oh the joys of the first day of school!

What was your first day of school like?!

3 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. yea, first day of shool, I peed my pants, the school bully hit my head so hard I thought my brains were leaking out and the teacher was crabby AND ugly. ‘The second day of school just got worse. Need I say more?

  2. I remember the dreaded first day of school picture… bad news.. I always smiled like a supermodel and my evil brother would stand there squinting in the sun with “super unhappy face”. P.S. I had all the gel pens too 😛 Good times!

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