DMV vs Blondie

What an experience to make any person want to pull out their hair and never set foot in a DMV ever again!!! That is what I thought before today!

Let me explain… This year I had to switch over all my license plates, title and get a new license. (Major Anxiety) I started with the title and license plates, which was pretty easy. Minor detail the lady told me I was going to have to re-take the license written exam to get my new license and handed me the book! WHAT?!?!?!?!?! This made me go crazy and made me drink more wine.Β  Well,Β  I decided that I should take this test. I read the book, Carl quizzed me and I did pretty well. Friday morning I got up early, found the DMV that I could take my written exam at and showed up before they opened. We all know what the DMV can be like.

And the nightmare begins… I pulled in and realized it was the same spot that people take their driver exam on a little course. I am pretty sure if an instructor saw me driving around they would have taken my current license away. I could not find the parking lot and just decided I was going to park in the staff lot, it can’t take that long. I barely pulled into the driveway and a worker started yelling at me that I couldn’t park there. Really, Who does that?! I should have left, but I eventually found the right parking lot.

DMV 1pt – Blondie 0 pts

Then I get into the building and it goes downhill from there. The lady is crabby, I didn’t fill out the paperwork right and had to take the electric written exam. They make you wear headphones, I sat down and my headphones didn’t work. Instantly I became paranoid that it was a trick and was scared to ask the crabby lady for help.What did I do next?! Quit half way through and left. Yup, I failed.

DMV 2pts- Blondie 0pts

I called Carl and told him my horrible experience and he said all the nice things he should say, so I would hopefully calm down. I had major anxiety over this test and thought what if I never pass and then my license expires and they take it from me. Seriously, traumatizing! About a month later I decided I could try again. Well, I discovered that the book I was first given doesn’t exist anymore and all the information is online and there is no more books. Oh Great, thanks for the memo!

I studied hard again, Carl quizzed me and then I went on a Friday again to take the test. And this time I knew where the customer parking was at. I went in confident, papers filled out and stood in line. The two girls in front of me didn’t study and were just as confident as me. Oh Great!

What a different experience! The people at the counter were nice and very helpful. A different lady gave me an option of taking the computer or paper exam. I opted for the paper, what could happen, I not pass again. I took the paper exam and PASSED with flying colors. I got 100% and then I took my picture and signed the box.

DMV 2pts- Blondie 1pt

The license finally comes in the mail! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!?!? I looked at my license and you CAN NOT see me! No joke, all you can see is my teeth and the whites of my eyes. All I could think of is the DMV has failed miserably for not considering people of color. Along with the license was a letter that stated the following, “We have added new features to your license, your picture is on the left and a new color background.” REALLY?!?! I don’t want a colored background because you can’t see me and I don’t care if my picture is on the left!

DMV 3pts- Blondie 1pt

TODAY, opened my eyes to wonderful people. I stopped at a smaller License Bureau, I used my sad eyes and told them my traumatizing story. They did feel sorry for me. She looked at my license and then at the computer and said there is not a different background. BUT she was willing to re-take my picture at no charge but had to figure out how to do it without having to submit new paperwork. This older gentleman walked in and had to re-new his license. She filled out his paperwork and then told me to sit in the chair so she could test the picture. The guy looked at her like she was crazy and said, “I would like her picture on my license but I could get in trouble for that.” We were laughing so hard. She let me look at the picture and low and behold you could actually see me! πŸ™‚ So she decided to process new paperwork and re-took my picture and sent it in free of charge! SCORE!!!!! Awesome!

DMV 3pts- Blondie 2pts

Stay Tuned….. about two weeks until I get the new license. πŸ™‚ Hopefully I will even the score! πŸ™‚

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