Fiesta Chicken and Rice Bake! YUM!!!!

My sister Beth and I have talked about how we notice more and more that we might be pretty food driven! Um, I’m pretty sure I am and can’t deny it! 🙂 Now that we have moved and I have a bigger cooking area I love it! Carl’s parents came down Sunday to visit us because his mom hadn’t seen the new place! Well, I figured I wanted to cook a delicious supper. I sat for about three days searching on Tasty Kitchen website for a recipe! Well I took a chance and tried something new. (I know, who does that, risky?!) 🙂 I found the recipe ‘Fiesta Chicken and Rice Bake’, what a hit! The best part almost all the ingredients were from the farmers market and sooo fresh! I just had to share!

The risk paid off! 🙂 It was soo good, that I was even surprised! You can doctor it up to add more spice if you want! Carl and his dad put additional jalapeno peppers and hot sauce on their chicken!

No thank you! haha I had a glass of milk with mine and I was still sweating! I know, I know I should like spicy food because I am from India! Yeah, not so much! haha Weird!

Carl’s mom made a dessert! Holy Cow! It was heaven. She made a Raspberry pie! I am not a big fan of berry pies but I can’t get over how awesome it was and with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream! SCORE!

EAT, DRINK and be Merry! 🙂

– Blondie!

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