Walmart Wannabe?!

Of course it would happen to me! We have all seen the people in Walmart who are wearing their pajammas, slippers, over-sized shirts or the sweatpants tucked into the snow boots. This is a pet peeve of Carl’s. So in the winter, I wear my sweatpants and tuck them into my boots, just to see how Carl reacts. His response, “Don’t you need to change or your wearing that”. Anyway, it is a pet peeve in our household.

Last night, I got home later and we had to figure out what we wanted for supper. We had a coupon for a pub in town, so we decided to use it and see if the food is any good. But Carl wanted something quick to eat because he wanted to get home and watch the football game.

I pulled into the driveway ran into the house, changed out of my work clothes, grabbed my purse and coupon and we were out the door in the car! The pub is about 10-15 mins from our house. I was in the car and all of sudden I felt my feet getting really hot and didn’t know why. I looked down, Crap?! my slippers are still on. (Really, Yes!) I asked Carl if we could go back home quick so I can get my flip flops, he responded, “Can you just wear them in the place”. Me- WHAT?! you are always against my sweatpants. I am not wearing the slippers. So he turned around so I could get my sandals. However, we were laughing pretty hard.

We got to the pub and I probably could have worn my slippers and would have fit it! :) After it happened Carl said another thing that happened today, you can blog about. :)

Has anyone left the house wearing something that they forgot to take off or change?!

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