Despite the Rain!

I woke up this morning and left home when it was still dark. It was one of the those mornings where you really don’t want to leave home and you just want to watch Kare 11 and the Today Show. Well for me anyway! 🙂 I got about 5 minutes into my drive and it was pouring rain and all the drivers around me where driving too fast. UGH!

I was heading south and all of sudden I looked off to the East, and it was absolutely beautiful! I have never seen a sunrise like I did this morning. So I had to take a couple of pictures. I texted my friend, Outdoor Guy Photography, and wanted to let him I know I have a good eye for pictures sometimes! 🙂

Enjoy the beautiful Sunrise, take a deep breath and be thankful!

Enjoy your day! 🙂

– Blondie!

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