So Blessed!

WE ARE SO BLESSED! 🙂 The last week Carl and I have been running around and cleaning like mad men. We had a housewarming party with all of our close friends last night. What a great success! We had almost 30 people show up. It was interesting because it was all of Carl’s design friends and my county friends, We couldn’t ask for a better group of friends, everyone had a good time.

Our food menu- Taco in a bag! (Not very many people knew what it was) On Friday, I spent 3 hours browning and seasoning 15 pounds of ground beef for the taco meat. Pretty sure I did not want to look at ground beef ever again let alone eating it. Oh man! (Went to bed and only had about maybe 3 pounds left) We had all the fixings and plus I made a cheese dip. We had cookies and muffins for a dessert and the candy dish. Then we had an over excessive amount of beverages! 🙂 We had two totes full of ice and over following with beverages!

We would like to thank everyone who came and brought us wine, beer, gift cards, the flower and cards. I can’t say it enough at how blessed we are to have such a great group of friends. We appreciate the people who drove a longer distance to come help us celebrate, most people said we live in the middle of nowhere!

A special thanks to two of my closest friends. Teri and Natasha! I don’t know what I do without them! They have been great supporters and encouragers, I wouldn’t trade them for all the money in the world. It meant the world to me to have them both there to celebrate and support both Carl and I! Thanks, I love you both!

Teri walked in with TWO bottles of wine a red and white, she knows me soooooo well! Then her boyfriend Matt made Carl and I bean bag boards for a gift! WHAT?! what a great guy, so sweet! The boards are stinkin awesome! Then she got the food line rolling! She’s my girl and I can always count on her day or night! 🙂

Natasha, words can’t explain! She came over on Friday night to bring over her crockpot for the cheese dip. Then we took a walk down memory lane with our old CD’s from high school. We laughed so hard and sang so loud, probably out of tune but it was the best medicine after a long day of running around and cooking! Then on Saturday, she gets there and starts trying to do the dishes. ( I did her dishes at her housewarming party) What a sweet heart! I can always count on her as well and know that she will always be there!

We are so blessed to have the friendships we do and enjoyed our time with each of them! 🙂 I feel so rich with the friends I have!

Much Love,

Blondie and Carl

The Fall themed center piece.

All of the wonderful housewarming gifts. We got a basket full of goodies. (coffee, coffee mugs, and kitchen towels), We got an orchid flower and cards with gift cards! All so wonderful!

All the wine we received. We went to bed with 10 more bottles on the table! I will posting them up on here as we try them! Can’t wait! 🙂

Our awesome new bean bag boards! Thanks so much Matt! You Rock! 🙂

Happy Sunday Football!



4 thoughts on “So Blessed!

  1. Blushing….. thanks for the “shout out” dear. But, I would have to say that anyone who has you as a friend will second the notion that you also would be there for ANY one of us, at ANY time. SO MUCH LOVE!!!

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