The Minnesota “O”

I can’t hide it anymore! Last night I was on the phone with T-Mobile to change my plan and see if I could get a free phone out of the deal. After being on the phone for about 30 mins, I got it all figured out and the lady had me verify my address and then it happened. She stated, “You are from Minnesota, I can hear your accent.” I started laughing and said really?! Then I told her, “That’s funny you hear an accent because I am adopted from India.” She didn’t believe me! She was laughing and said she could hear it because she went to college with a girl from Mpls.

It has been confirmed. Carl tells me all the time, I pronouce the long “O” sound.

Examples: snOw, bOat, phOne, It doesn’t end! (Makes you want to watch the movie Fargo)

Next time you speak with someone from MinnesOta listen to the “O”!

Have a good day!


2 thoughts on “The Minnesota “O”

  1. That’s hilarious! Down here in Iowa I get asked all the time if I’m from Canada…and I’ve had requests to say “rainbow snow cone.”

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