Up North, Backseat, Wino kind of weekend!


What do you get when you put 4 sisters, 2 aunts, mom, about 9 bottles of wine, beautiful weather and Cranberry Festival together?!


A whole lot of fun, laughter and wine! 🙂

This weekend all of us older sisters traveled up north for Cranberry Festival and to celebrate our younger sister’s 21st birthday. Cranberry Festival is a one day art/craft festival. This is maybe my third time going to the festival. Two of my older sisters, my aunt and my mom have been going for years and they have a system down. 🙂 They leave super early in the morning to insure they get a great parking spot. They make sure they have scarves and gloves because it is chilly in the morning and last but most certainly not least the plastic wine glasses and many bottles of wine. This year my other sister and I decided tag along. Well, we were in for a good time. We all piled in the car, My one sister and I were in the backseat goofing off (hence backseat in the title). Let’s just say a few sisters started wine drinking a little early. We arrived to our destination and got rockstar parking, filled up the plastic wine glasses and we were on our way. Michelle had opted out of a plastic wine glass and she used a Coleman canteen sack! It held a full bottle of wine! Very clever!

I had a list of a few things I wanted to get! I was able to find most of the things on my list and a few other goodies along the way! We had a wonderful time together! So much laughter, wine and sun! I think at one point one sister and I thought it would be a good idea to try to see if the cop car doors were open, well they were, then we thought it would be fun to take one for a joy ride! Um, wine talking I think! 🙂 As we were nearing the end of our fun packed day we had to figure out how to get everything in the car because when we left home, the disclaimer was given you would have to hold what you bought! Not sure if we thought that through! Aunt Wendy had a lot of things she held on her lap the whole way home. We were stuck in the backseat again, giggling and having fun!

Needless to say we had a great time!
Great weather, Great company and Great wine! 🙂

Us sisters with mom! Love you all!

My sister and I!

My sister and I with the Coleman wine canteen! 🙂

I had to try on this sock monkey hat! I should have gotten this one! 🙂

Not quite sure, making a sand castle!?

With my hat, my bag and my wine! 🙂

The goodies I got! 🙂

My homemade plastic bag holder! So domestic and useful!

My beautiful rug in the kitchen!

Such a cute bag!

Love this new hat! It kept me sooooo warm! 🙂

The best smelling soy candles! Yum!

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