DMV VS. Blondie, Part II

To bring you up to speed, I have an earlier post describing my crazy experience with the DMV. I was not having any luck while switching my license over and I was keeping tally of the strikes the DMV was having against me. The DMV was up on me because they had taken my new license picture and it was horrible. You couldn’t see me very well. All you could see was my teeth and the white on my jacket. It made me want to write to the DMV letter because they failed to consider drivers with a darker complexion, when they were doing us a favor by adding a darker background on the pictures.

DMV 3pts – Blondie 2pts

Then I went to a small town license bureau to ask nicely if they could re-take my picture. They did and were so nice about it.

Well, the day has come and I received my license in the mail today! Yay! 🙂 It looks better, you can see me and the picture is a lighter shade. However, I look like I have chipmunk cheeks. Beggers can’t be choosers! 🙂   I would post a before and after picture of them but I don’t think I can do that legally.

But rest assure, I have a normal license now!

– Blondie

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