Harvest Time!

I love this time of year! We were trying to figure out what we would do today. This is our first weekend in almost two months where we had nothing planned and wanted to enjoy it! We knew it had to be something outside because of this awesome weather we are having in Oct. We ended up driving south and going to a winery for wine tasting. When you drive south you hit a large portion of farm country and it brought back many memories and scents.

I love harvest time because I grew up on a farm. I loved the smell of Pa bringing in the corn and beans from the field. He would have to put the corn in the bins to dry and  he had his system down. He would work late nights in the fields and early mornings in the barn. I don’t think I have seen anyone work harder. Some of my fondest memories are when my mom and I would take supper out to Pa and waited with him while he ate it. On the warm days, we would go into town and get him a Dairy Queen treat and bring it to him in the field.  My Pa had a family friend who had helped him in the fields for years and whenever he would come back to the farm at the end of the day he would open up his cooler and have a cold bag of M&M’s. It never failed. To the day, if I have M&M’s I put them in the frig. 🙂  We would take him DQ treats too and would chat with him in the field. I consider him like another grandpa to me. He was such a hard worker and dedicated to Pa and the family.

I remember one time Pa had a few wagons full of corn, ready to go to town, and I had a friend over and we played in the corn for hours. Cheap thrills on the farm! I love harvest time because I was fortunate enough to be able to grow up on a farm and was able to appreciate the hard work Pa put into it. So, seeing the farmers in the fields and driving on the road reminded me of my Pa and memories.

Thank You, Pa for the memories! 🙂

– Blondie!

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