Wine Tasting! Yum!!! :)


What to do on a beautiful day Saturday in October!?


Head south on this fall day and find a winery! 🙂 Jackpot!

On Saturday we wanted to do something fun but relaxing. I had spoke with my sister for a few ideas. I wanted to do something on the lines of going to a orchard, drive around to see the fall colors or maybe even a winery. Well, the winery won but it was plus we saw some fall colors on the way. My sister and her husband had went to this winery before and talked about how inexpensive it is for how many wines you get to taste and wine tasting is right up my alley! Then they said to go across the street to the tavern to eat, because after all the wine you will need to eat! Carl and I have been to a couple different places around the area for wine tasting but the best was when we went north of Santa Barbara a few years back. Amazing.

Today was great and hit the spot. We tasted about 20 different wines from dry whites to a tasty dessert wine called Bootleggers, a port with a little brandy in it! It was good. All of the wines were local. I liked a red wine called Gunflint Red! Yum. A great wine for a steak or a heavy pasta!

You can see the big tanks in the back. It was a small place with lots of people but the wine was good so that didn’t matter. 🙂

I love my wine! 🙂



Have any of you been wine tasting? Where is your favorite spots or favorite wines? 🙂

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