Wine, Pizza, Bowling, Wine! :)

It’s only Saturday and I feel like I had a full weekend.

Yesterday was my nephew’s 11th birthday! What a great age, but so hard to buy a gift for. They are in that stage of what is cool and what is not. We had spent Friday night with my nephew. He got lots of Transformer figures and a really cool shark shirt from Grandma. The shark shirt won the best gift award. He is one of the most knowledgeable kids I know who can tell you anything you need to know about Sharks.

My sister had thrown him a little party, no kids oddly enough, but surrounded by family. We had homemade pizzas and apple pie w/ice cream and then of course bowling. My nephew insisted we play boys against girls. Us, girls didn’t do so hot, but had a great time! Then we went home and drank more wine and enjoyed each others company.

What a great family weekend filled with love, laughter, food and wine! 🙂

Happy 11th Birthday to my nephew!

– Blondie!

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