Just Another Day… Not!

Most people say birthdays are just another day and another year older. blah blah… We have heard it all. 🙂 Well, on Monday night I thought that same thing. Carl asked “Are you excited for your birthday?” I responded “I don’t know it doesn’t feel like tomorrow is my birthday.”

 Tuesday November 1st was my birthday, boy was I wrong. The excitement is still there. I received many text messages, wonderful phones with singing included and a great abundance of facebook messages! I told carl that I made a point to thank everyone individually on facebook because they took the time out of their day to give me wishes, which was so thoughtful that I wanted to individually thank them! I kept up pretty well!

A little background on my birthday. First off, who wouldn’t want a birthday the day after Halloween! 🙂 Moving on, I am sure those of you reading this remember the 1990 and 1991 snow storms in the midwest! Well, when I was younger, my birthday wish would be for snow, (Heavens to betsy, who does that, especially when your Papa is a farmer. Big No No!) Well I did, and by golly it came true! I believe the snow storm of 1990, my parents were going to have a family birthday party for me and with a Dairy Queen ice cream! I am one lucky little girl. Well, the amount of snow was so crazy that pretty much everyone was snowed in, including my ice cream cake at Dairy Queen. My Pa didn’t even snow blow out the driveway right away because it was thick, heavy snow and bright white. Later in the day, we received a knock at the door, thinking it was someone who Pa had to be pull out of the ditch.

Nope, it was the Dairy Queen Man with my birthday cake. He stated “I saw this birthday cake in the freezer with “Happy 5th Birthday Julia” and thought this little girl can’t go without a birthday cake on her birthday.” He had driven out to the farm. The snow was so bad that he couldn’t drive up the driveway, so he walked up the driveway. (remember we lived on a farm, they never have short driveways) I was the luckiest little girl! As of recent, I am careful what I wish for! 🙂 My family did mention some thanks for not wishing for snow! Little do they know! 🙂 haha Just a fun little story of the memoriable childhood birthdays! Will never forget them!

Obviously, things have changed as I have grown older. Since dating Carl, I have had some of the most special birthdays I could imagine. He always surprises me. He doesn’t ever tell me where we are going or what we are doing. (For those of you who know me, this kills me because I always want to know, but I manage!) The birthdays have been so much fun that I keep a journal of what we do for our birthdays, anniversary and V-day! We always try to go to a new restaurant.

This year, all I got out of him was what time our reservations were at, 6:15pm.

One thought on “Just Another Day… Not!

  1. Uhm, sweetheart the reason Pa didn’t plow the driveway right away was because it was coming down so hard it didn’t pay …being the snow was white etc had nothing to do with it..lol. What a birthday!

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