Great Finds!

This morning we had planned to run errands at Target to get groceries for the week and a few other odds and ends. Well, of course the Halloween stuff is all marked 70% off and then across the aisle is the Christmas decorations. In Carl’s words, “They did their job and hooked you in.” I couldn’t resist and had to get these cute trees.

They had all different colors. Carl liked these two. Now I just have to get my lights and garland for the railings.

After Target we ran home, unloaded the groceries and ran to the mall to exchange the cook book I got for my birthday for a different one. We had one similar to it already. We found a great cookbook and I also got two more cereal bowls to match my set.

Here is the cookbook-

The recipes look great! Can’t wait to try them and use my new flat whisk!

Then we went to Teavana because I had to get another tin to store my fruit tea Carl got me and I wanted to get another loose leaf tea strainer for my mug.

Here is a picture of the tin and strainer I got. I got sucked in and ended up buying a new tea tumbler. Score because it holds more and it is less work with doing the loose leaf! 🙂

Then I stopped at DSW to see if there was a cute pair of black flat shoes for work. I have been wearing my heels, which hurts after so many times. I found a cute pair. I think they look kind of grandma like. But they are comfortable and cute.

We did our Mall run in less than an hours time! 🙂 Quick like a cat.

Also, I will be posting a couple of wines that I bought! 🙂

Now to sit and watch football and enjoy the day.

– Cheers


4 thoughts on “Great Finds!

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention I have 3 of those feather trees and love them. I have green, red and white. Mine descend in size and fit up into each other for storage.

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