Happy Thanksgiving!

The holiday season is in full drive now.

As we all journey on one of the busiest days of the year, where are you going?

Are you going to parents house, a friends house, maybe a vacation getaway or just staying home to relax and enjoy the time off, Where are you going?!

I am home today, I have to go to physical therapy. Besides that I started laundry at 6:30am this morning, I am excited I get to watch the Today Show this morning. I hardly ever get to see it because I leave for work before it is on. I will be packing and cooking food for going home and running a few errands. I am making two breakfast bakes! Yum

When Thanksgiving sneaks up fast on you like this year, do you stop to reflect what you are thankful for?! I do!

What am I thankful for?!

The first and foremost is my parents. Without my parents, I wouldn’t be here literally without them.  I am so thankful that they found it in their hearts to want to adopt. They have given me support, encouragement and unconditional love. Next, I am thankful for all my siblings, I love them all so much. Thanksgiving is one of all the only holidays that we are all together and we are so thankful for it. I am so thankful for Carl. Words can not express how much I appreciate the non-stop support, encouragement and love. I wouldn’t be who I am today without my friends. They continue to care, challenge and encourage me to be the best I can.

I am very thankful for my health. Last year during the beginning of December, I became really sick and stayed sick for about 3-4 months. It was so miserable, I had  a bad virus and every other week, I would have to go to the doctor and do blood tests. It was a lot of time and frustrations with no real answers. I am thankful for my job. I understand not having a job or trying to find a job is very difficult in this economy. I work with a population who struggles to find employment but they are still expected to care for their families and pay bills. I feel bad for those looking for employment, which makes me thankful for the opportunities I have been given.

I am thankful for all my of friends and family who have, who do and who will serve in the Armed Forces. They are away from their families and don’t get holidays to share. Their sacrifice, to give us freedom and feel safe is beyond words. I am thankful for their families who support them for being in the Armed Forces.

Last but most definitely not least. I am thankful for the Lord. Without him, I would not have any of the above to be thankful for. He gives us the air we breathe, the life we live and the love we give.

I am thankful everyday not just one day or week out of the year.

We are heading home to my parents house, where we will eat, drink wine, eat, nap, eat, drink wine, dishes, drink wine. In that order possibly. I will need to make sure I pack the stretchy pants! 🙂

I wish you all safe travels if you are traveling and cherish the time you have with loved ones and remember what you are thankful for.

God Bless!

– Blondie!

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