All Stuffed, Literally!

Wow! Thanksgiving never fails, I always eat so much and can’t stop. Carl and I traveled northward to my parents house to celebrate with my family, which consists of Ma and Pa, 7 kids, 4 significant others (one was missing), 5 grandkids and 6 dogs. My parents make our turkey on a Holland grill with great seasoning, it’s so delicious. They actually make two turkeys so all of us kids have leftovers to take home. 🙂 My mom had made Pioneer Woman’s potatoes and stuffing, then she had Rachel Ray’s stuffing, yes two stuffings! Delicious.  My sister made a lettuce salad, my other sister made sweet potatoes and We had delicious bread. Needless to say, there was no shortage of food. I didn’t even mention all the mouth watering desserts. 🙂 After eating the guys did dishes and then it was the  pre-programmed nap time! After nap time we sat around and enjoyed each other’s company, watched football and scoped out all the store ads. I believe my mom and younger sister went shopping at midnight, I was sleeping like a baby. However, Carl and I did get up at 6:20am and went to a few stores.

Here are a few pictures! 🙂

This is what my parent’s driveway looks like when we are all home.

My parent’s beautiful Christmas tree! 🙂

I also got these awesome ear muffs! They are made out of Coyote fur!

This is sound bar Carl got. It is sitting on the mantle.

My older sister and I take our niece and nephews each year and do a “kids day” with them versus gifts, it’s more memorable! 🙂 We had went to a play place with bumper carts, lazer tag, mini golf, an arcade and a play zone. Then we got ice cream after. We really liked lazer tag, it was a lot of fun!

Now, Carl and I are home relaxing, upacking and putting stuff away. Tomorrow we will be getting our Christmas tree. I can’t wait! 🙂 I will get pictures up as soon as possible!

Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey Day and ate a lot!

– Blondie!

3 thoughts on “All Stuffed, Literally!

  1. Yes the blessings were many at our house this year…filled with people we love very much…little kids laughing and playing and food so abundent. Uh, I recognized the tree but was wondering where the mantal was until I realized we had left our house and were back at yours…lol. Thanks for the wonderful breakfast bake you made for us. It was so good. Love you and pa

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