Tasty Wine…

I know, it is in the AM and I am talking about Wine already. (don’t worry, I am drinking my cup of tea) 🙂 I am really not that bad but these are some good wines that I wanted to share especially that we are in the holiday season and you can never go wrong with a bottle of wine where ever you go!

Carl and I had bought a few for Thanksgiving to take home.

Here they are…

The two bottles on the left are from the Cannon River Winery. They are both reds, GoGo Red and Gunflint Red. The GoGo Red was perfect for Thanksgiving, it was light in weight and had great flavor. The Gunflint is a little heavier in weight and also has great flavor.

The two bottles on the right are from the Cedar Creek Winery. We have not been to the winery but picked up the bottles from the liquor store. The one is Cedarburg Spice, it can be drank warm or cold. The woman at the liquor said to make sure you don’t heat it too much. The other one is a Christmas Blush. We have not tried the blush yet, but the cedarburg spice is really good.

Thought I would share a few of these tasty goodies with you all!



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