Tis’ the Season

I love Christmas and this year it didn’t take much for me to get into the season. We have our tree up and decorated and other decorations throughout the house. It is cozy.

Last night we ran to the Mall of America to start/finish some Christmas shopping. 🙂 I had some good coupons. It was so pretty all decorated for the season. There was a live band playing Christmas songs and the huge trees in the Rotunda. I must say we were in and out of the mall in less then 40 minutes. 🙂

Then on our way home we stopped to look at a tree outside completely covered in LED lights. It is so bright you can see it from a ways a way. It is so cool up close.

Then we ran to Michaels craft store, I decided I am going to make my holiday sweater! What who does that?! 🙂 I do!

We stopped at Target so I could get my red sweater! And this is what we found. Yup, they are making the footies for adults! The sock monkey one was pretty funny!

I don’t want to reveal the pictures yet. I will soon so stay tuned! 🙂

Happy Holidays!

– Blondie!

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