Chop Sueuy…

There will be a lot of chop sueuy going in Blondie’s kitchen. I had to share my cheap thrills awesome find. The other week I was home because I was not feeling well. It was a bummer but I was excited because I got to watch The Today Show. I love the morning show! 🙂 There was a segment called Holiday Steals and Deals.

There was a few good finds in the segment. Everything is about 80% off! Even better, Score! 🙂 I really wanted the awesome fuzzy blankets but they were already sold out. I settled for an awesome 18 pc german knife set. It is pretty cool! I think Carl thinks I am a little crazy. 🙂

Here is my knife block!

Here are a few pictures of the fancy knives! If you look close enough the knives actually have what kind of knife it is on the blade.

The Filet knife

The Rock N Chef Knife

The chop and scoop knife

And the most important CHEESE knife! I like this one the most! 🙂

Early present for myself! Thought I would share.

Happy Holidays!

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