Good Gluten Free Finds

If you have been following my blog you maybe have already read that last week I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. If you are new to my blog, please scroll back a few blog posts to Better Late Than Never, that is the post that talks about me being diagnosed.

Now that I know what is going on and that I can maintain it, I am hitting the floor running. I have done some research on Gluten Free (GF) foods and where they are at. Carl and I went to Cub Foods a few nights ago and they have a GF aisle and then at customer service they had a front/back sheet of paper with GF foods throughout their store! 🙂 Rather exciting for someone who now has to change their lifestyle and eating habits. I am finding it isn’t as hard as what I maybe thought. Holiday eating was interesting. I ate the meat, potatoes with butter and the fresh veggies and fruit. I stayed away from the cheesy potatoes and all the goodies. I felt pretty proud of myself. We had cleaned out our pantry and got rid of all the GF box food and can goods, I took it to the local food shelf. I had given all my open baking products to Carl’s mom.

On our day off we decided to go check out a Natural Foods Store so see what they have for GF food and then we went to Cub Foods. At the Co-op we had picked up some white rice flour and potato starch that is made by Bob’s Red Mill. I had picked up a few crackers to try that are GF, another good find was Alexia Frozen Foods. Some of their stuff has gluten in it but a few of their oven fries do not. Most of their food is healthier as well. We had went to Cub Foods and picked up our meat (chicken) and fresh veggies (brussel sprouts). I found some crackers that Carl’s sister told me about called Mary’s Gone Crackers, they are delicious! I eat them with cheese and sometimes just something to snack on. I also have cold shrimp in the frig to snack on at home.

I am finding this lifestyle change a positive challenge. I really don’t have a choice and I might as well make the best of it and stay positive. Carl has been very supportive, he has tried GF english muffins and likes them! 🙂

I will keep you posted on my new GF finds and any good recipes!

Cheers to a New Year of good health! 🙂


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