One Piece at a Time… Literally!

What a wonderful holiday weekend. Carl and I had exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve morning before heading North to his parent’s house. Some how without planning it we had Minnesota themed gifts for each other. 🙂

I had gotten him two books from Barnes and Noble titled; Once There Were Castles and Minneapolis-St.Paul Then and Now, two great books full of Minnesota Twin Cities history. Then I got him a MN Gohper hat and sweatshirt, his big gift was the Club of the Month from Amazing Clubs, he got the 3 month variety pack. So the first month he will get beer from microbreweries nationwide, the second month he will get cheeses and the third month he will get cigars. 🙂 How exciting! I can’t wait for the cheese to come!

Carl had gotten me the Catchphrase hand held game, a book, lotion from The Body Shop, a hard to find Cities 97 CD and then a puzzle. I have wanted a puzzle so bad. Not sure why, he got me a 750pc Minneapolis, MN skyline puzzle. So at night we get home, make supper, then sit and work on the puzzle and watch a movie together. It is rather relaxing. We might go this weekend to find a few more puzzles!

Here is a few pictures of the puzzle!

Hopefully we will finish tonight! 🙂

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