A Little Spice of India

We finally took time to finish some decorating in our living room. We have two open wall areas on either side of our TV and we were trying to figure out what to put there. I wanted to hang two pictures. Then we decided that we wanted to use  pictures from Carl’s India trip he took in college. The frames are from Target and look very nice. We have probably had the frames for a couple of months and last night we finally went through the India pictures to pick the two we really liked. It turned out great and I wanted to share our touch of India in our home! 🙂

This is a picture of a older Indian gentleman block printing on a cloth. I love the detail of this picture.

This is a picture of the elephant that Carl got to ride on. The colors in this picture are so beautiful.

Here is the picture of where they are in the living room.

That is our little spice of India in our home, besides the obvious! 🙂

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