What wine would you like with that?! :)

I have tried a few different red wines in the last few days. I have mentioned before that during the fall and winter, I prefer to drink red wine, it hits the pallet just right and it gives a warm comfort feeling. 🙂

I had stopped at the liquor a while back and the cashier said to try Apothic Red, of course after we had checked out. I had it on my radar. Friday night when I was at the Wild Onion, I noticed on their wine list they had Apothic Red, so I figured why not try it! 🙂 It was fantastic, if you like to drink red wine I definitely recommend this wine!

Apothic Red

At home I had two more red wines that I have tried and liked and thought I should share.

Kendall Jackson-  08′ Vintner’s Reserve Zinfandel

Columbia-Crest- 09′ Two Vines Merlot

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