Happy Valentine’s Day!

I feel that Valentine’s Day is more than just a flower, chocolate present kind of day. It is a day where you can really reflect on who in your life loves you and you can show that love back to those in your life. I believe you should show your love everyday and it doesn’t have to be reserved for one day! 🙂

I had given Carl his Valentine’s Day present over the weekend. I had gotten him a nice toolbox with manly tools!

I got home yesterday from a day that went by so fast to Carl greeting me in the garage and opening the house door and finding a beautiful flower arrangement on the counter. He does a good job with picking out flowers! They are from Bachman’s and he said that when he went there it was packed with a bunch of guys!

Anyway, I wanted to share how beautiful the flowers are!

Enjoy your day and make sure you tell those around you how much you love them, not just today but everyday!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

– Love, Blondie!

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