Ooo… Something Shiny!

Well, what a great evening!

I was driving home and thinking of what clothes I am going to change into. Well big surprise to me when I got home. I got home and Carl was making supper. πŸ™‚ He had made steaks, Pioneer Woman’s Crash hot potatoes and roast brussel sprouts. Yummy! To top it off we opened the fancyΒ ItalianΒ wine that a friend gave us. It had a glass crock. Fancy.

While we were waiting for super to cook we decided to open presents. I actually gave Carl his present on Saturday. I had gotten him a nice tool box with a few odds and ends tools he didn’t have.

Low and behold, Carl was amazing again. I thought the flowers were beautiful and he topped himself.

Carl had gotten me beautiful diamond hoop earrings from Martens Jewelry and he had gotten me a money tree from Bachman’s.

I feel so special because of Carl. What a nice evening staying home and enjoying each other and our company! πŸ™‚ I love ya Carl!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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