First Time for Everything! :)

I had a lot of first tries this week/weekend.

Thursday Afternoon- I was sprayed with pepper spray to be level 1 certified to carry. I never want to get sprayed again. My sister and I did it together because we were eligible to be certified to carry for our jobs, the catch you have to get sprayed so you know how you react to the chemical irritant. My sister and I were safety partners for each other, she was one of the first ones to get sprayed. She was awesome after getting sprayed and then about 2 minutes later her face was so beat red I thought it was going to fall off. Then she said it started burning.

I was one of the last ones to go. (I wear contacts and had taken them out but wore my glasses, I have very sensitive eyes) I barely could put the safety goggles on and my eyes were burning. It took about a 1 to 2 minutes and my eyes hurt so bad and I wanted to rip my face off. After trying to let it cool off outside for about 30 minutes, we walked back into the building and warm temps had reactivated the chemical. My eyes were burning and watering again. Lets just say that I rode home with my sister and left my car at the place because I wasn’t sure of my vision.

We got home and washed our faces, while screaming because the chemical was reactivated. I had to take a shower to get the stuff out of my hair, NEVER take a shower after getting sprayed. If felt like I got sprayed all over again. haha

What an experience but now we are certified. 🙂

Thursday Evening- The Port at the St. James Hotel in Red Wing, MN 

After getting sprayed it was a great place to go. It was darker so you couldn’t see my red cheeks. haha My sister’s favorite bartender was working, who was a great bartender. The wine was great and the food was spectacular. I had tried mussels for the first time, they were good in the sauce. Then I had the kobe beef sliders w/o bun, homemade fries and ketchup. Very nice place and to end the day we got to catch up with a few friends.

Friday Lunch- The Current restaurant in Afton, MN

My sister had been raving about this place and I completely see why. The food and atmosphere was awesome and GLUTEN FREE! 🙂 I had the Braised Pork Tacos off the appretizer menu and my sister had The Turkey Burger. I would totally order The Turkey Burger without a bun! I got a little taste of it! Yum! A great place to go to in the summer.

Friday after lunch drink- Muddy Waters Bar and Grill in Prescott, WI.

We had just stopped here for a after lunch cocktail. It had a fun atmosphere and was right on the river. I can’t wait to check it out in the spring/summer, very” bluesy”! 🙂 They had a Eric Clapton salad! I can’t wait to take Carl.

I completely recommend all three places I had went to. I recommend trying the food at The Port and The Current. I didn’t try the food at Muddy Waters, but looked good.

So get out for a drive and treat yourself to great meal and drinks.

Happy Weekend!

Cheers, Blondie!

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