Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua = Stogies

Well yesterday when I got home, I walked to the mailbox and found a surprise package addressed to Carl. It was Carl’s cigars for the Amazing Clubs-club of the month. The first month he got beers from microbreweries around the states and last month he got cheeses from around the states. This month he received 5 cigars from some of the most prestigious cigar makers from Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua.

The 5 cigars are:

Gran Habano Azteca Fuerte Robusto from Honduras

Oliveros Churchill from the Dominican Republic

Habanitos Robusto from Nicaragua

Roll Back Churchill Maduro from the Dominican Republic

Brugal Robusto from the Dominican Republic

He had one extra cigar in the box from the weekend when we stopped. It is a Cain Cigar.

A while back I had bought Carl a humidor for a present and had it engraved with his name. Since getting it he has been putting to use.

I asked Carl how he rated! 🙂 He came home from his work trip to a new grill, yummy cigars and a new computer at work!

Also, I wanted to add a picture from supper tonight, we had burgers with Gorgonzola crumbles on top, with waffle fries! They tasted so much better on the new grill! 🙂

Happy Wednesday!

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