A Damp, Rainy Red Wine Kind of Day!

This past weekend, Saturday was so icky. It was cold, windy and rainy and why did we decide to run around and do our errands. Who Knows?! But once we got home I knew exactly what to do, find the red wine!

Here is a picture of a few wines I have that I still need to drink and a few that I have finished and enjoyed.

Right to Left-

The bottle on the right is a Sauvignon Blanc wine from Chili. It is called Yali Wetland Sauvignon Blanc. We went to the wine store and they happened to be doing a tasting and we got to try this one. It was very good.

The second bottle is a merlot that the person from the wine place suggested. I have been getting into merlots a lot more this year than others. I am starting to find ones that I like. She suggested   14 Hands-Merlot, from a Washington State Winery. I have not tried this one yet. I have noticed that I do like Washington State wines more and more.

The third bottle is another merlot that the woman suggested. It is from another Washington State Winery, it is called Red Diamond Merlot. I really like this one, I finished this bottle over the weekend. Yum, on a cold day.

The fourth bottle is a wine that I  bought awhile ago and finished but I need to put it on the blog.  It is a Zinfandel from a California Winery. The wine is a Vintners Cuvee XXXIII Zinfadel from Rosenblum Cellars in California. I really did like this one too.

Most of the wines, I think you can get in any liquor store if they carry a variety. I wanted to share what recent wines I have had. Saturday was such a gross day and a glass of red wine or two was perfect to warm the blood. I do have a few more bottles waiting and once I get to them I will put them up on the blog, I promise. 🙂



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