Welcome To My Kitchen…

About 2 weekends ago, Carl and I went to a co-ed Pampered Chef party, oh was I in heaven. I had a few things in mind that I wanted to get. I know my sister mentioned to get the awesome can opener! I was all over that.

Here are the goodies we got.

We picked out two sauces that we had a chance to try at the party. They were a Beer Barbecue Sauce and a Carolina Mustard Sauce. So delicious!

I also wanted just a few little kitchen utensils. I picked out a silicone basting brush, a mini stainless steel whisk and an citrus peeler. I needed a citrus peeler for my oranges. My Papa used to use one all the time when he peeled oranges for me.

Best thing we got was the smooth-edge can opener. Carl has cut his finger a time or two trying to open the cans!

I have a big nice Williams Sonoma baking pan but I didn’t have a nice square baking pan and thought that was a must have.

As a thank you for buying so much we got a free set of bamboo snack bowls.

I am excited for my new additions to my kitchen! 🙂

Happy Sunday Evening!

One thought on “Welcome To My Kitchen…

  1. The look of the can opener has changed since I bought mine 15 years ago, Can’t wait to see it. Still one of my best kitchen items. You’ll really getting stocked up!!

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