Memorial Day Feast

Today we went for a nice long walk and then a ran a few errands. Carl then cleaned out both of our vehicles and the garage.

For supper we made marinated top sirloin steak, corn on the cob and baked potatoes all on the grill. We prepped, cooked, ate and cleaned up in one hour and a half. We had marinated the steak in a Weber Black Peppercorn seasoning that my brother recommended. We found it at Cub Foods. It was so good that I had to share pictures.

When the steak was done we had put blue cheese crumbles on the steak. It was like a party in your mouth.

Needless to say supper was done to perfection! Now we are sitting back and relaxing maybe catching The Bachelorette.

5 thoughts on “Memorial Day Feast

  1. Hey hey!

    Dan and I had top sirloin steak and marinated sliced potatoes on the grill.. pass on the corn.. i know dan would have liked the corn.. holidays are a fun excuse to make good eats!!

  2. BBQ and The Bachelorette. My two favorite things. Ha well BBQ is, but my girlfriend would definitely agree with you. She is addicted to that show!

    • Is your girlfriend as critical as I am when it comes to the guys?! Sometimes, they are a bit much and I know it’s for the ratings.

      • I hardly watch it with her, but she has it on in the background. I have to put in headphones, because the stuff they say is so ridiculous.

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