Puppy Love

For the last two years, Carl and I have been talking about getting a dog; however, when was it a right time. We used to live in a busier neighborhood and in an apartment that did not allow dogs.

Now that we have more of a yard and live in a quieter place, it might work. We both have wanted a Golden Retriever but we had to think about the shedding piece. We have seen Goldendoodles and thought they would fit us a little better. I have researched for about the last year here and there for breeders and prices. I haven’t been able to find a Goldendoodle under $1250. Eek, I want a dog bad but that bad?!

Then I stubbled upon this website that had an advertisement for Goldendoodles that were significantly lower in price. I spent a week emailing the breeder asking many questions. I let her know that I have grown up around dogs as my parents were breeders for two different breeds.

The breeder and I set up a time for Carl and I to come see the puppies yesterday morning. We made sure that if we don’t feel good about the puppies we would wait. The breeder has been sending us pictures of the puppies, which made us fall in love. We drove about an 1 hour south of our home to a quiet little town.

When we got there all the little puppies were in the swimming pool sleeping.

We knew we wanted a male and there were only 3 males and 7 females. The breeder stated that we will get first pick of males. 🙂 I believe all the puppies are spoken for. We couldn’t have found a better breeder, we are very happy with them.

We fell in love with this little guy. The puppies were born on May 24th, so they are only a few weeks old. We will be going back in about 2 weeks to see the puppies again to make sure that we are sure about our pick as they will be a little bigger and their personalities will start showing. We have a few names picked out and will wait until we see them again to name our little guy.

We are soooooooo excited! 🙂 Stayed tuned for many more pictures!

4 thoughts on “Puppy Love

  1. A swimming pool is the perfect birthing bed. It is easy to keep clean and the puppies won’t get cornered and suffocate when mom steps in to nurse the crew. We always used a swimming pool! I miss raising puppies….enjoy this time Julia and Carl…love you both Most..mom

  2. What I’ve learned: In order to breed the shedding out of those kinds of dogs, it needs to be like a great, great, great, great puppy of the initial Golden and Poodle. My dog went to puppy kindergarten with a Lab-Doddle and the owner was extremely disappointed in how much the dog shed just like a lab and later learned it takes many lines of breeding to breed out the shedding. Also, if you feel the initial cost of a dog is expensive, reconsider getting a dog. The average cost of a dog that lives 14 years is an average of $14,000.00. If you buy a “cheaper” puppy you may have poor breeding and the cost of your dog could be much higher. They are more work than you think, but I couldn’t live without that that guy who is always happy to see me!

    • Thank you for the advice. We are very happy with the breeder and cost of puppy. We know it will take lots of time, lots of patience and love. We are both ready and very excited! 🙂

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