Arie the Goldendoodle

Today we went to see the puppies again to pick out our little guy. The breeder was nice enough to put a collar on the male puppy we liked the last time. They were all a bit bigger and more playful. However, we were still drawn to the male puppy we initially liked. We decided he was perfect for us; a little smaller in size, quieter and a big snuggle bug. We had three names picked out and because of his personality we felt that Arie was perfect for him. 🙂

Arie was born on May 24th, so tomorrow he will be a month old. We will be picking him up the week after the Fourth of July, so he will be about 7 weeks old. On our way home we stopped at the at the pet store to start gathering our goodies for him. We are very excited for Arie to be a part of our household. We are in love with him. 🙂

Arie is 4 weeks old here.

Carl and I with Arie.

4 thoughts on “Arie the Goldendoodle

  1. So adorable! I want to smell his puppy breath, cuddle, play…and then give him back to mom and dad for potty training (hee hee).

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