Isn’t he the cutest!

So we get our little fur ball  in about a week in a half. Carl is going to work from home the two days after we get him. We will be able to work with him over the weekend and then I am taking Monday off to do all the vet stuff with him. We are so excited for Arie! 🙂 The breeder had sent us this picture this morning of Arie. He had eaten, played and got a bath. For once his eyes are open and they are so sweet.

I went to check the mail this morning and Arie’s dog tag was there. It turned out perfect. I had ordered from Etsy, they say to do a tag that is engraved versus etched so it doesn’t wear off.

4 thoughts on “Isn’t he the cutest!

    • Our names and numbers are on the back. My number is on the front of the tag but Carl photoshopped that out. Yup the spelling was wrong, I didn’t catch it.

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