Arie-Day One Home

Well, our little furry bundle of crazy puppy came home last night. We picked up Arie around 6pm. He had just had a bath and was ready to go home. Our poor little guy had gotten car sick. We had noticed when we picked him up he had been chewing on grass, sticks, woodchips what ever he could find. 🙂 I figured that could have been part of it.

My pictures from my phone camera do no justice to what my brother took but thought I would add them!

 Arie in the car.

 Arie at home.

Arie is 7wks old today and he is all of his puppy age. He has an attention span of a pea but he is starting to catch on.

When we got home, we got him some food and water and then we had to go over and meet the neighbor dogs. There is more dogs than people in our neighborhood. 🙂 There is a neighborhood puppy named Brandy, a 8wk old german shepherd lab mix who will has become buddies with Arie. She has a tendency to beat him up. Then later my brother, his wife, nephew and their dog came over to meet Arie. Again an attention span of a pea. My brother and his wife have some fancy cameras and accessories so they took some pictures of our Arie. The pictures turned out great!

Arie’s first night went pretty well and actually better than I expected. We went to bed around 10pm and he did pretty well, only whimpered just a bit and then was out cold. I had heard him at about 12:30am this morning. I got up right away and went downstairs, out the front door and was stopped in my tracks. I stood barefoot with a puppy who needs to potty. All of our sprinklers were going off. I for the life of me could not find a dry grassy area. So it became comical because Arie was trying to pee and poo in the wet grass and not get hit by the sprinkler. I stood there and was soaked, I did laugh. He did go both pee and poo! Proud momma! We went back in, wiped his paws and back into the kennel, I didn’t hear a peep. 🙂 However, Carl was talking in his sleep and I had to tell him to be quiet because I didn’t want him to wake Arie, as I wanted to sleep.

At about 3:50am I heard him crying and I got up and took him out right away. He did go potty and we walked back in. After all this going potty, I had to go. Arie followed me into the bathroom, as I was going to the bathroom he sniffed around and then turned looked at me and went #2. I could not do anything and just laughed, I thought well at least you went in the bathroom. After we were done, we went outside again and he became so rambunctious that we walked up and down our road. Then we came in and Carl took over. It was a long day, still up from 3:50am. I give all the parents so much credit!

Carl worked remotely from home today and I had to travel to work, it was my longer day. He had sent me video and pictures of Arie to my iPad. 🙂 He was so sweet and I couldn’t wait to get home. When I got home he was sleeping. 😦 But it didn’t take long for him to wake up and then I took him outside and we played with the neighbor dogs. Carl has been working with him on sit and leave it commands, he is doing pretty good, a long way to go.  Now he is in the kennel resting and we are eating supper.

We are so in love with are little peanut Arie. He has no shortage of love. To my brother, thank you for the cute pictures! 🙂 Love them!

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