A Few First Night Pictures

When Arie came home about two weeks ago, my brother and his family came to visit. His wife took some really good pictures of Arie and I.  Arie was 7 weeks old in the pictures and looks like a little peanut. I had to put them up on the blog and share.

He has definitely grown since then. We are going to try to take pictures every couple of weeks to document his growth. We have taken him to the vet two times now and he has done very well. The vet said she has seen a lot of puppies but Arie is one of the cutest. 🙂 Arie is about 10 pounds now, and that is good as the vet wanted him to put on weight.

Arie has  his daily play dates with his girlfriend Brandy. She is a ham, she is two weeks older than him and weighs much more he but they love to play. Arie met my whole family last weekend and a few of the family dogs and did so well. On Sunday when every left Arie was so worn out all he did was slept.

We will be starting puppy kindergerten classes on Tuesday August 14th, one hour every Tuesday night for 6 weeks. He is doing pretty good with listening and potty training for only 9 weeks old. We are trying to figure out his chewing but he is a teething puppy so we expect it. Carl goes  home every day at lunch to Arie, they get their quality time in! I get quality time when he wakes me up in the middle of the night. 🙂

This is my favorite picture of Arie and I right now! 🙂 He is not that small anymore!

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