Weekend with Arie…

Carl, Arie and I had a great weekend together. We had beautiful weather that was cooler and Arie loved it. I have been able to sleep more through the night, we moved Arie’s kennel into the loft by the stairs where I can still hear him. My co-worker (whose husband breeds and trains british labs) said to take his kennel out of the room because he probably wakes up because he can hear you. Hmm… makes sense right. The first few nights he got up at 3:30am, 4:30am and then by 5:30am he was up and ready to eat and take his morning walk. Needless to say I don’t ever get to sleep in until his bladder gets bigger. Best thing, I get to sleep somewhat through the night. This morning he got up at 4:30am.

On Saturday we wanted to test his car ride. He has gotten car sick the last few times. I read that as a puppy car sickness can be because of their ears and needing to develop. We went to the Flugels Elevator in Rosemount, MN. They sell bird seed and then a bunch of bulk dog food, yummy dog treats and other pet accessories. We barely could get through the front door and the people were feeding Arie treats and googling him. It was good people interaction. The car ride was a success, he did not get sick.

While he was lounging this weekend Carl shot a few more pictures! I love the pictures.

Arie in his new spot next to the couch where the vent blows the cool air.

Arie just being his curious self.

Arie giving me kisses. 🙂

My sweet Arie.

Thanks so much to Carl for taking the photos. 🙂

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