Where have I been?!

WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! I know I have been absent for a while. I have been busy at work, Arie’s puppy classes and lots of family get togethers.

I have a few new recipes and dog pictures! Ok, A LOT of dog pictures. haha 🙂 I really don’t want to be that person where all I talk about is my dog, but it’s kind of like that right now. 🙂

We have our own dog park- how lucky are we.

Arie has so many friends in the neighborhood its crazy but so nice because he gets to socialize.

We are having a sleepover with cousin Finn. Finn would tease Arie because he could jump up on the bed and couch but Arie can’t. 🙂

 Arie’s legs are so long but can’t get up on the couch. hehe Finn looks comfortable.

 Arie sitting with girlfriend Brandy and her brother Captain Morgan.

 There are five dogs in this photo and 5 are missing. Two huskies-Bella and Grr, Brandy, Arie and Daphine.

 Arie started grabbing the other dog’s leashes and would walk them. If they didn’t go the right way he would pull them the other way.

 This is a cool picture of Bella and Finn.

So needless to say, we have our own little dog park in our neighborhood and love it. Sometimes we don’t know the owners name but know them by their dog’s name! hehe

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