Here Mousey Mousey…Gotcha!

Bet you’re wondering where this is going?! 🙂

Well, on Sunday we packed up the car and went to visit our friends (Natasha and Jason) about 25-30 mins north of us. They wanted to see Arie and I wanted him to get use to other environments. Plus, they have a dog park by their house! Natasha and Jason have two cats, Daphine a sassy fluffy gray cat and Eddison a sleek, laid back black cat. Daphine and I don’t see eye to eye. Anytime I get near her she hisses and growls at me. I figured poor Arie would be guilty by association and get the same welcome.

We slowly introduced Arie to Daphine and Eddison. Eddison was curious and seemed like he wanted to play. Daphine on the other hand wanted nothing to do with Arie. When we were inside Arie was instantly attracted to the cat toys, not sure why. There was a stuff donut squeaky toy that he was completely obsessed with that I am convinced there was puppy crack in it. He had the death grip on it and I couldn’t get it out of his mouth. He was running around Natasha’s kitchen like a mad dog.

Next thing I noticed he is playing with a little mouse cat toy and it gets stuck in the middle of the donut. (I’m thinking oh crap) Our other two friends (Jake and David) said “We think Arie ate the mouse” Carl looked in his mouth and didn’t find it. OK, now I am a mommy feeling a little worried. We couldn’t find the mouse anywhere in Natasha’s house. So we went on with the playtime and went to the park. Arie got to play with two different dogs, one was a goldendoodle. 🙂 He did fairly well in the open area, puppy classes must be working.

We went home and Arie went on with his regular routine, so I am beginning to think that he did not eat this thing. I am still a little nervous, we have a busy week this week and not sure running Arie to the vet for an emergency appointment is going to make this better, plus he is going to grandma’s this weekend. I googled how long it would take a dog to pass something like that, internet said about 24-48hrs.

Low and behold, this morning Carl got up with Arie (after I had already been up with him at 3:30am), which was nice so then I could get ready without tripping over my four legged friend. I all of sudden look down the hallway from my bathroom and see Arie carrying this mouse. I yelled “CARL, The Mouse, GET IT!” He grabbed it and was suprised at how big it was. So end of the story is that Arie did eat the mouse and he must have coughed it up this morning because it was all wet. Carl wanted to take a picture of him and his mouse, it was very hard to get him to stay and not grab it. I think Arie will be mailing the mouse back to Daphine and Eddison! hehe 🙂

I was so worried and love him to death. What a little Stinker! 🙂 Oh yes, Natasha gave Arie the stuffed squeaky donut. Pretty sure it’s the new favorite toy.

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