Fun Finds From the East

This past weekend we were in Eastern Wisconsin for a wedding; when I mean Eastern WI, I mean WAY east. On Saturday morning, I was on a mission to find coffee in the next town over about 10 mins away. As I drove into town, I spotted a farmers market! BINGO. I got my coffee and then made my way to the farmers market and here are the pictures of the fun finds I got. 🙂 I also picked up a few apples from a cute old man and then some ground cherries, a yummy treat that my pa, sister and I love to eat! 🙂  I also picked up two sets of pot holders from the woman with the rugs. I got my mom a rug and pot holders for watching Arie.

 This is a beautiful rug that I found.

 Here is another great rug, a little smaller size and fun colors.

 This is a close up of Carl’s mug from the groom. The other mug is from a restaurant we ate at in Wausau, WI, it was a good souvenir to have of our trip. Red Eye Brewing Co.

 Here is a close up of Carl’s homemade apron from the bride. 🙂

After my trip to the farmers market I drove as far east as I could and I hit Lake Michigan. It was so beautiful and the weather was a little chilly but perfect with a jacket and that warm sun. It was a perfect day for our friend’s wedding.

The pictures of Lake Michigan make me want to go back and just sit and maybe read a book. 🙂 It was peaceful and I enjoyed listening to the seagulls.

4 thoughts on “Fun Finds From the East

  1. Glad I could enlightened you on rugs and most importantly, WATER!!!! I feel a strong connection to water, one I cannot explain to someone who doesn’t have it. I’m glad you are learning, even tho you need sun screen! HA!

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