Mom, Please take this thing off me…

Oh poor little Arie. On September 28th Arie went to the vet to be neutered and micro-chipped. (yes, only at 4.5 months old) Both vets said he is ready to go and that the healing will be quicker if we do it now and with a 2 week recovery. This is the longest Arie has gone without puppy play from the day we brought him home in July.

Here is little Arie after getting home from the vet. Can the cone be any bigger?! Honestly, we are glad it is that big, Arie is so long that he can almost lick himself with the cone on. What a stinker. He was so doped up and he was scared of walking anywhere. I spoke to the vet on the phone and she said that Arie would not go potty with the cone on. We did a day of taking the cone off everytime he went outside-Carl stayed home with him on Friday and got him to go potty with it on, thank goodness.

The first night, I felt so bad for him, he kept looking at me with sad puppy eyes, wondering why I did that to him. He whimpered the whole night and I had no way of stopping the pain.

He is on the mend and doing much better except he has alot of crazy energy. haha

I had to share this photo my brother sent me. It made me laugh!

I know Arie can’t wait to get the cone off because he does look like a furry desk lamp! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Mom, Please take this thing off me…

  1. I never had a dog wear a cone for being neutered. Some stitched injuries I guess maybe a couple of times (one neurotic dog). I would give him some space and take it off while you watch him or cuddle him. Can you imagine waking up without your manhood and a huge collar??? wow.

    • Arie was neutered at 4.5 months and licks, so that is the reason for the cone. He has had it off a few times for a few minutes and goes to licking. He has stitches and we don’t want him to pull them out. He has adjusted fine now, but the first night was interesting.

  2. I agree Mom, I kept telling her that. Finn never even had a cone! He was back to normal in one day, manhood gone and alll! I guess maybe Finn was tough! He wasn’t even sent home with drugs!

  3. Poor, poor Arie!! Gus didn’t have a cone either but was later given one for something else. We tied it, laughed, and then took it off and I returned it to the vet. At least you know Arie will heal fully, despite the humiliation!

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