Another Good Halloween and Birthday.

This post is WAY over due and I did not get a Halloween post in; I will combine them. 🙂

Here are our Halloween photos. When Carl came home with the pumpkins Arie was very unsure of them.

As for my Birthday, it was another great one! Carl always has a surprise for me.

Saturday Oct, 26, 2012- The Saturday before my birthday Carl told me to dress warm and wear clothes that can get dirty. I was trying hard to figure out what we were doing.

He surprised me with this…

It was an hour long ride that was a little chilly but with the warm sun it didn’t matter. What a great surprise. 🙂

After horseback riding we were going to go to the apple orchard I wanted apple cider so bad. Well we ended up going to two apple orchards that didn’t have any. Carl picked up apple cider from Cub Foods.

We stopped at Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store. It was overwhelming but so cool, we have never been there before. I picked up Amish popcorn and chocolate of course and Carl picked out a few of his favorite candies.

Then we stopped at Emma Krumbee’s one of the orchards that did not have apple cider. I liked this bench and wanted my picture next to it, it says “Moments to Remember”

Thursday Nov 1st, 2012- On my birthday I was suppose to attend a training in the morning. Well the training was cancelled and I decided to use my floating holiday. Arie and I hung out for the morning and then Carl had taken the afternoon off. After my surprise of horseback riding I didn’t know what else to expect.

When Carl got home he told me to come into the kitchen, he had two chocolate gluten free cupcakes with pink candles. They were from Gluten Free Bakery Bittersweet. They were so delicious and rich, someone who isn’t gluten free would not be able to tell the difference. Then I opened up my birthday card and found Wine and Cheese of the month for Nov and Dec. Yum, can’t wait for that! Then a silver gift card fell out, Oh Apple!-he got me a gift card to go towards my Apple iPad upgrade. What there is more, he then gave me two tickets- We are going to see Elf-The Musical in Dec. 🙂 I am so excited. (side note, that is what I was going to get Carl for a Christmas present, he beat me to it. Great minds think a like)

After all the excitement we went to St. Paul for supper with friends.

On my birthday I am thankful for Carl, Love, Laughter and Friends- another great year!

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