Arie 6 Months Old and First Snowflakes…

Arie is 6 months old and  growing like a monster. Watching his personality evolve has been fun; Carl weighed Arie this morning, he is about 40 lbs.  Also, this morning we got our first snow flakes and 20 degree weather and Arie acted like a kid on Christmas Day waiting for presents. It was so cute and he didn’t want to come back inside, it was freezing out.

A few of the photos are cell phone so not the greatest.

Arie and I on Friday night. He is 6 mths old and still growing. The vet stated that Arie is at 80% of his growth. So we’ll see how big he’ll get. 🙂 guessing about 60 lbs.

Here are the pictures from this morning and the snow fall.

He ran around so fast for about 5 minutes biting at the snow. It will be interesting to see what he does with a big snowfall.

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