Arie’s First Groomer Visit.

Oh what we put Arie through the last month. First we had him neutered and then two weeks later he went to the groomer for the first time.

Mom, what were  you thinking?! – Arie 

I had some trouble trying to pick a groomer, I asked all my family members and friends who have dogs. One friend suggested her groomer-Why, because her groomer does pick-up and drop-off for $10.00 extra, plus the dogs get to stay there all day if need due to work schedule. Plus side for me, this groomer is halfway between my home and work and I can just drop him off. BINGO (was his name O) 🙂

I decided to take Arie to this groomer-he didn’t have a choice, he was very hesitant about going there but he did just fine. When I called to check in later in the day, the lady said “He is one of the more patient dogs we have had”. Are you sure it’s the same dog is what I replied with. We didn’t have much done to him as we wanted to leave his coat alone but he needed the hair cut out of his eyes and his paws cleaned up. They did the full bath, teeth, nails and ears.

Needless to say when I picked up Arie, it was beyond my expectations. He looked so good, smelt good and was just clean. He got a cute pumpkin scarf for Halloween, not sure if he liked that much. Then I got him home and we had to take pictures, poor Arie.

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