December is upon us.

Last week/weekend was go go go and loads of fun.

On Thursday we drove to our Alma Mater and I spoke to a Job Placement class and Criminal Justice class. I go back ever other semester to speak, my way of giving back. Then we drove home let out Arie, ran to Menards got our Christmas tree and then home to eat supper. Then best of all we had tickets for Elf The Musical. We left a little early to stop at the St. Paul Hotel to have a cocktail and shrimp then we walked through beautiful Rice Park to the Ordway for musical. ELF the musical was so funny and I couldn’t stop laughing and smiling. At intermission Carl spotted a MN Viking player behind us.

A few pictures from Elf and Rice Park.

Elfthemusical ricepark ricepark1

On Friday we both had a vacation day and went to visit my sister and husband for the night. We hadn’t seen their place since moving. I love her appliances and pretty sure I could have fit in the wash machine. It was so much fun, the food was delicious, we laughed a lot and maybe had too much to drink. Then on Saturday, I finally got to watch a episode of Pioneer Woman’s cooking show, it was the Christmas episode. I want her job-cooking, photography and travel. I wish I had the Food Network Channel. For lunch we went to a bar where they had over 100 burgers. It was overwhelming. I had a tator tot burger. It was tough to drive home, I mean I ride home, Carl drove! πŸ™‚

We had just got home before our snow storm hit. On Sunday we had watched the game and decorated our tree.

Here is a picture of our tree.

x-mastreeΒ All my presents are wrapped and under the tree. πŸ™‚

It was a productive fun weekend!

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