Happy Day Off…

While I was home today for the holiday, I did a few loads of laundry, did a little work to stay up with it all and then I spent the majority of my day watching The Second Inauguration of President Obama. I watched from 7:00am to 4:00pm. It was sooo neat and moving to watch from home.

Here is a picture of Arie and I watching the President and First Lady. He did not like the “clicking” noise from her shoes, he ran around and barked then was growling. He jumped up on the couch by me.


So Carl and I have been trying to teach Arie to shake. We haven’t been very persistant in the training. Tonight when Carl got home from work, Arie and I missed him. Arie wanted his play buddy back and I needed human interaction. 🙂 Randomly after supper Arie started shaking.

ArieshakingSorry picture is blurry.

What my friend said about the picture, Her quote- “He’s like Dad! I watched the Inauguration today and that is what I learned… When someone you think is great, you greet them like this! ” It makes me laugh.

Have a great Monday night!

6 thoughts on “Happy Day Off…

  1. I should have watched it from home. You had the right idea. Making my way to the Capitol was a mistake. So many people!

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