Arie doing his thing…

I have to share this picture with you all.

Last Sunday while we were watching the Super Bowl game, Arie kept bugging Carl to play. We have been working on Arie’s commands, he must be in the teenage years and listens when HE wants too. Well a few weeks prior, we discovered Arie can shake and we haven’t really worked on that, treats are wonderful for reinforcement.

On Sunday night, Carl and Arie were playing fetch in the living room. Carl always makes Arie sit before he throws it, this time he told him to shake. Then shake with the other paw. This was the result of trying that.

Arie looks so funny, he looks like such an old man. He’s only about 9 months old and about 50 lbs. I love his facial expression, what a goofy pup. 🙂


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