Kitchen Favorites

I had to share a few of my kitchen favorites as of recent that are staples in my kitchen now.

I feel an apron is something you think is useful and cute; however, wouldn’t buy for yourself necessarily but continue to look at them. My sister got me this apron, it’s fun growing up and cooking a lot! She said she thinks about all of the splats and spills in the kitchen, I completely agree. It’s so cute and classy isn’t it- thanks to my sister. πŸ™‚


The second awesome present I got of 2012 was this spill stopper. I was at Carl’s parents house and looking through one of his mom’s Martha Stewart Living Magazines and I saw this thing and said I want one. I over spill my potatoes, rice, almost anything that I have to boil. We used it the other week when boiling potatoes; it worked like a miracle. Thank you to Carl’s mom. This is KochBlume brand.


Happy Sunday and Happy Cooking!

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