Yummy Smells from the Kitchen…

The last few weeks I have tried some great recipes.

The weekend after New Years Eve, Carl’s parents and younger sister came to visit us to have our third Christmas gathering. I was debating on trying a new recipe. (I know, I know you shouldn’t do that with dinner guests) I bought a lasagna pan. 🙂 and I was going to make Pioneer Woman’s lasagna. Good thing I consulted with my sister prior to buying my ingredients. She said there is a yummy, much easier lasagna to make and it has cream cheese.

I got my recipe from Tasty Kitchen. This is the recipe I used- Cream Cheese Lasagna.

I will let you know what I did to switch it up.

#1 I used gluten free noodles. Tinkyada is the brand I use. #2 For the Italian sausage I used turkey sausage from Jennie-O. I used 1 pound of lean ground turkey and 1 pound of lean italian seasoned turkey.

All of the rest was the same. It so good and somewhat healthy. No body could tell that the noodles were gluten free and couldn’t tell that it was made with turkey. I will be making it again for sure.

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