Weekend Recap- Mustaches and Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies.

It’s Oscar night, I hope you are watching. I love the dresses and the shiny jewelry.

This weekend was much needed and it was great to relax. I feel in our society and how quickly everyone and everything moves, we often forget to take a breath, read a book, take a walk or just plain have some “me time”.

On Friday the Midwest got quite a snow storm. We ended up with 6 inches of snow and the plows did not come through until 12:30pm. I did not feel comfortable driving in the weather and road condition that I had taken a vacation day. I am pretty sure Arie was happy I stayed home. I had shoveled about 4 times and while I did that Arie was running back and forth like a mad dog. I then took him for a good long walk which was enjoyable-then getting home was another story. I had to get the dirty snow balls out of Arie’s paws. ugh, good thing he’s so cute! 🙂

Ariescaredofplows Arie was scared of the plows when they were in the driveway. He hid on the stairs.

On Saturday we stayed in and bummed around the house. I read off and on and I think I snuck in a nap or two, much needed. 🙂 That night we had dinner at our friends Jake and David’s house. (thanks to our neighbor for letting our peanut out) We had so much fun, the company was great, the food was delicious, oh did I mention David made TWO not one TWO homemade sangrias. There was no shortage of laughter. (P.S. David killed the homemade salad dressing too, Yum)

Carl and I are so rich with the friendships we have made and will continue to cherish them.

So Jake broke out these funny stickers to put on our glasses to tell them apart. Did anyone call for a mustache. 🙂 We enjoyed ourselves so much we will be trying to make this weekend supper a monthly occurrence.

Mustaches What a great idea and how fun. They were from Target, I may have to get some.

Our Sunday was rather similar to Saturday, we were pretty low key. I did my taxes, what a relief to have those done. I found a few shirts on Gap website on sale and then I found a Bluetooth speaker for my car. I think it is best for how much I drive. My routine was similar, I read off and on, maybe had a nap or two. This evening I decided to make the gluten Free cookie mix I had in the pantry. Glad I did, it was yummy-another great product find.

GFCookies The brand is King Arthur Flour Gluten Free Cookie Mix (found at Target)

GFCookies1 How yummy do they look, I will have to have some self control.

I hope you all had a good weekend. Now enjoy the Oscars. 🙂


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